Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fox's Muse: Help Pick One!

As my self-imposed hiatus ends (I hope) and I feel some measure of renewed dogged tenacity for my work (enthusiasm's running a bit low, so all I've got to work with is stubbornness), I feel this is an appropriate time for a request for feedback.

I am attempting to create a simple logo that I can paint/engrave/imprint on my work as a signature. I have created three different versions of a simple line kitsune. I don't know which I prefer.  So I need some help!

Look at this picture (ignore the weird winged thing in the upper left hand corner and concentrate on the foxes please) and tell me which you like better:

1. Sitting-up Fox
2. Long-ways Dancing Fox
3. Curled-up Fox
4. Find a way to use all three!!! 

Copyright Leigh Evans 2013. 
Do not steal, use, alter, or redistribute without permission.

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