Sunday, July 24, 2011

Foxfire Daily: Partake

"There is only one valid way to partake of the universe -- whether the partaking is of food and water, the love of another, or, indeed, a pill. That way is characterized by reverence -- a reverence born of a felt sense of participation in the universe, a kinship with all and with all matter." ~Larry Dossey

Friday, July 22, 2011

Studio News: New listings on Etsy

pendants, earrings, and chainmaille, oh my! Feel free to browse, comment... and buy!

Brought to you by Fox of Twinflame Studios.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Studio News: Settling In

We got in safe and sound, and finally have internet access again. Things are going well enough at the moment, we're staying with Dragon's parents, which is interesting because his brother and niece are staying here too. it's been... crazy to say the least. Oh, and our car died after we got here, but with a little luck it may only be the alternator. Keep your fingers crossed for that one...

Etsy shop should be back up very soon, perhaps even today if I can manage to herd some cats.

We are well enough for the moment. Dragon has a job and everything else seems like it's going to be fairly normal for a little while at least.

Keep us in your thoughts for a bit yet, though :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Studio News: Moving

It's actually official - the Studio will be in the car tomorrow headed from Sarasota FL to Greensboro NC. Long trip but Fox has driven it plenty before, it's a familiar route. The Etsy shop will be offline until we get settled in. We'll still be taking messages and hanging out on dA during that time, however, so don't think we're disappearing. Hopefully it'll only be a week or so before the shop will be up again.

Feel free to send us requests/commissions or comments and whatnot during this time - just know that no actual business will be done until after we get settled in.

Wish us well

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Studio News: Life Surprises Everyone

So, right on the heels of managing to pull old jewelry and materials stock out of storage (thanks to an old wolf), the Studio may (read: probably, unless something drastic happens) have to move in the next couple weeks, a month at the most. We are still exploring options but this is how it stands as of this moment:

First, we don't have rent money.  Trying to scrape one more month's worth together but not sure yet how that's going to turn out.

Second, not sure how long the landlady will tolerate us being here without rent.  How long before we have to bug out? Who knows.

Third, if and when we do have to move, it will be states away back to North Carolina, in with Dragon's folks until we can get our own place again.  Dragon has a job waiting for him (probably) should this be the case... The worst part of it is that Fox will be away from her 2 girls for an as-yet unknown amount of time....

Shop details: on a happy note, this move will be a little less complicated than the last 3, and we will still have our materials and most of our tools within easy reach rather than in storage, so if/when the move occurs, the Studio should be able to set up shop again fairly quickly.

More updates as we get them...
Thoughts, prayers, etc appreciated
Wish us well