Sunday, September 8, 2013

Artist's Sunday #1: Church for an Artist

I'll come right out and say it. I don't go to church. I find them... unpleasant. Not because of the religion, but because... well. There are several reasons, and this post is not about those. Instead, I will do as I came to do, and show you one of the ways I find church at home, as I feel it was meant to be: a communion between like-minded individuals.

What does communion mean? Community, sharing, supporting and loving one another, a coming-together for a common goal. Right? There's also the body and blood of Christ thing (which is a form of sharing), but that's not what I'm getting at. So what does this have to do with an artist's church?

This: sharing love of one's passion with like-minded individuals (and one's audience!) is, to me, one of the finer forms of church and communion, celebrating one's fellows and their gifts, their talents and skills.

I am going to celebrate other artists' works here, and on the Studio's Facebook page, and I'm going to attempt to do this every Sunday. This is my first attempt at scheduling my posts, trying to do something orderly... (I'm normally an exceptionally chaotic person, and I do my best work surrounded by my own personal forms of said chaos.) So, from deviantART today, I'm going to share some of the Studio's favorite works.

Today will be dedicated to some of the more unusual and unique uses of artistic mediums I have ever seen, that inspire me to find my own new, unusual, and unique methods of combining my own mediums.

Alkhymeia uses wire wrap techniques and 
Polymer Clay to create super-unique wearable art:

AmberSculpture's amber and wood necklaces... 
earthy, elegant, gorgeous, and totally unique:

Kanzashi is an intriguing Japanese art of fabric folding. 
SincerelyLove makes them into wearable pieces:

And last but not least... cucumbers! Yes, cucumber jewelry. Take a closer look,
you might be surprised. Ilionej took a school workshop topic and turned it into this:


  1. Who would have ever thought cucumbers could be this deliciously sexy!

    Church is whatever a person needs to be in communion with what they believe in. So m any has turned it into a cold building of judgement, that the word makes many unconformable these days...

    1. There are too many words that could be wonderful, that make too many people too uncomfortable these days. Reclaiming these words, one at a time... redefining them into what they were supposed to be, recrafting society's image of them, is what an artist (whether her medium be paint, gems, or words, or anything in between) does every day.

  2. Incredible! I didn't even know it was featured outside dA! Thank you!!!