Monday, March 3, 2014

Artist's Sunday #5: Nerd Love, Episode 2 - The Last Airbender

Yes, I know, it's not Sunday. My apologies for that. 

Your erstwhile Fox and Dragon had surprise company show up for the weekend, so the opportunity never arose for Fox to sit down and do the weekly Pay It Forward. I may be a day late, but never a dollar short when it comes to my writing.

This week's (belated) Nerd Love Episode is...

Avatar: the Last Airbender

An awesome animated series put on by Nickelodeon some years ago, Avatar: the Last Airbender has spawned numerous fanfiction, art, artisan crafts, cosplays, a movie (don't get me started on that, however), and a sequel series. An "airbender" is a person with a pseudomagical control over the elemental force of Air. In the series, there are also firebenders, waterbenders, and earthbenders. It centered around the character of Aang, who is the "Avatar" - a person who is reincarnated every generation or so, who can learn to bend all the elements instead of just one. It is his or her job to maintain and police the balance of power among the four nations. Aang disappears from the world, and it is a hundred years later when he reappears... into a world torn by war, where his own people, the airbending monks, have been wiped out; the Fire Nation is trying to conquer the rest of the world, and doing a pretty good job of it so far. 

A montage of the major characters:

A very nice rendition of Aang in the "Avatar State":

And now down to the nitty-gritty, the lovely Avatar: the Last Airbender-inspired artisan crafts I've found:

Pai Sho is a game similar to Go, played in the Avatar world. It mostly figures in the character of General Iroh, uncle to the Fire Nation prince, Zuko.

The Avatar: the Last Airbender world is home to many hybrid creatures, such as Tiger Seals, Badger Moles, Buffalo Yaks, Catfish Alligators, Elephant Rats, Giant Eel Hounds, Platypus Bears...

...the Pentapus...

...Momo, the Lemur Bat...

...and of course, Aang's loyal companion, the last Sky Bison...
Clay Appa Charm by minnichi on deviantART

Hope you enjoyed Episode 2! 

Live, Love, and Make Art
-your Artful White Fox. 


  1. Those Cold-Blooded Fire Earrings are WICKED!

    1. I KNOW!!! I was SO excited when I found those. :D