Thursday, December 3, 2015

Foxfire Daily: Who are you supporting over the Holidays?

For me it's an easy choice... but mostly because of my budget. I'm supporting my family and kids. And I'd like to ask you to do the same. Support your own family and kids first, and then your friends, and then locals you don't know. Or, y'know, my family and kids... *grins and winks*

Don't support the big names. Don't support the corporations.

Do support the little guy. Do support your local (or not-so-local) small businesses and artisan crafters. Your purchases have much more immediate and important impact on these people. Your purchase affects an individual, a husband and wife (or varied permutations thereof), their (possible) kids, et cetera. Your purchase directly impacts how good their kids' Christmas will be. Your purchase will directly affect that business's tax season coming up in a few months, their rent this month, whether they can give their employees Christmas bonuses... you get the idea.

Make a difference. Buy local/small business/artisan craft. For example... yeah, maybe a necklace from me will cost you a bit more than that $5 shiny from Claire's... but your purchase of my handmade necklace might just buy a Christmas tree for my family, or a couple tanks of gas to get Dragon to work and back so he can buy presents for the kids, or it can go towards a couple of tables and displays so we can start doing local craft shows, or... 

To this end, our friend Mr. Marsten has put together a holiday catalog of links to artisan crafters, including us, for your perusal.  So go peruse The Narrator's Study Holiday Catalog for great gift ideas that support individuals and families directly. Or, if you happen to be an artisan crafter who hasn't been in touch with Mr. Marsten, send him the link to your wares so he can add it to his catalog.

Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!
Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Hogmany...
-your Artful White Fox

Monday, November 2, 2015

Foxfire Daily: Onward and Upward...

Also known as: a step in the (hopefully) right direction.

Dragon has gotten a job... 45 minutes away. Prohibitive on gas, but at least he's working. Potential for great things, but also potential for this to be hugely wasted time. We're tired of the knife's edge... we're ready for something stable to stand on. We are both hopeful and discouraged. The oldest child is being overly teenager-ish, and the youngest is potty training. The middle child is wholly and uniquely herself in the midst of all the chaos, bless her. And in the meantime...

Dragon's creativity is being given an unexpected outlet at his work, which he's discovering he is both good at and enjoys - event organizing. Who knew? Parleying that into something greater... looking into it.

I have gotten my first official art commission in years... from a local church member, of all things. (insert absurd giggles here) It's giving me fits, but what does one expect? Church art. Creative brain does not want to even...

One step. Find gratitude. Another step. Synchronicity. Keep walking. Intention. Never stop moving.

This has been just a quick update; this blog and Twinflame Studios in general has suffered over the past few (very) busy months, and I'm feeling the call again, so... one small step. Etsy is no longer a viable option for us due to disagreements with their policies on certain things; Amazon's marketplace is untenable for the same reason. So we're looking for alternate options. Artfire requires a subscription of sorts, which is also unworkable right now. Fox's jewelry is up in several art galleries, including our FB gallery, but it's awkward to arrange purchases. Local craft shows cost money we don't have. It feels like there's too much take and not enough give, but I'm not sure where to prod to get it to come back into balance.

One day at a time. Breathe. Center. Believe. Intend. Small mercies. One step.

-your Artful White Fox.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Business update

Unless and until such time as matters change, Twinflame Studios will no longer be selling through Etsy. We are displeased with some of their recent enacted policies and will be withdrawing our business from their site. This includes buying from or advertising sellers' items on Etsy. If you are an Etsy artist but have personal galleries/websites, we will be happy to advertise your work from your personal galleries instead.

Our account on Etsy will not immediately shut down, but you will be seeing much diminished activity. 

We will keep you updated on where and how you may peruse our creations. Currently this is on our Facebook and our deviantART.  You can also find us on Twitter, although we're not currently very active. Thank you, and please bear with us as we transition to something that is hopefully more palatable for everyone.

-your Artful White Fox.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Artist's Sunday, Winter Edition: the Frosty Sea

This Artist's Sunday is dedicated to another of your Artful White Fox's favorite precious stones: pearls!

Pearls are another organic gem; that is, one not formed by mineral crystallization (think quartz crystals), much like amber or jet. Pearls are made by oysters, when a grain of sand or something else irritating gets inside their shell, they secrete a substance called nacre which builds up in layers to protect the oyster's delicate flesh from the irritant. Many oyster farms are dedicated to pearl farming, and often seed the oysters with specially shaped irritants in order to get specially shaped pearls. They're the June birthstone (funny story, this is why my Mom hates pearls... she doesn't like that pearls are her birthstone. I told her I'd trade if I could - mine's blue topaz, which is ok, but I do love pearls). They are also a big favorite for weddings.

This is my time of year, my own personal perfectly uncomfortable and yet fitting juxtaposition... my birthday is on the Winter Solstice. If you know me, then you know I am a scrawny bit of 5'3" with no extra body fat to speak of (too high a metabolism), and before you think, "lucky girl" let me just say that it's a pain the butt... but that's for another post. The point is... I get cold. Very cold. Very easily. Any body heat I create just doesn't stay inside unless I'm wearing plenty of layers, even indoors. So I was born at the height of the time that causes me the most physical discomfort. So I find other ways to enjoy the season... and looking for gemmy inspiration in the middle of the frozen wasteland of winter is just as good as any other.

What gemstones come to mind when you think of winter sparklies?