Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Business update

Unless and until such time as matters change, Twinflame Studios will no longer be selling through Etsy. We are displeased with some of their recent enacted policies and will be withdrawing our business from their site. This includes buying from or advertising sellers' items on Etsy. If you are an Etsy artist but have personal galleries/websites, we will be happy to advertise your work from your personal galleries instead.

Our account on Etsy will not immediately shut down, but you will be seeing much diminished activity. 

We will keep you updated on where and how you may peruse our creations. Currently this is on our Facebook and our deviantART.  You can also find us on Twitter, although we're not currently very active. Thank you, and please bear with us as we transition to something that is hopefully more palatable for everyone.

-your Artful White Fox.