Sunday, September 18, 2016

Artist's Sunday Special Edition: Revitalize!

As (hopefully) many of our various and sundry followers know, Twinflame Studios has somewhat withdrawn from Etsy due to personal disagreement with some of their recent changes in policy. We still have a presence on their site, to support other artists, but we no longer sell through their company. This has gone on for some months, with no internet shop presence for the Studio, but our dry spell is (also hopefully) over.

Fox has discovered another online marketplace, set up much the way Etsy used to be. Their listing fees are percentage per sale - as in we artists only pay if we sell! Over the next few days, I'll be posting listings at Foxfire Musings, as a sort of test run to see how well the website works. It's all active and ready, just in time for the holidays, so have at! If there's a piece you've been eyeing in our FB or deviantART gallery, feel free to request it be listed for sale.

Support (real!) local, handmade, etc, this holiday season. Try out instead, and let me know what your experiences are like!

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