Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Sometimes it gets to us all. The White Fox and Black Dragon have been down with this season's fever/sore throat/sinus crap but we're on the tail end of it (thank you, Nano Silver!) and hopefully can get back to (what passes for) normal in the next day or so.

Sorry about missing this last Artist's Sunday; that will resume this coming Sunday, with something geeky for Easter weekend, and maybe a sprinkle of St. Paddy's thrown in. We'll just have to wait and see what comes out.

On another note, we've (re)acquired a roommate from a previous dwelling-place. This is not a bad thing (sister-in-law, and she's a sweetheart), but it's starting to get crowded and worrisome for purely survival reasons (food, mostly), but we're figuring we can make it work. Still trying to come up with some way to get ahead when we live in a county where the number of jobs is SO much less than the number unemployed... unfortunately almost all the opportunities available are too far away or cost too much to take advantage of. What are a jewelry artist and a blacksmith/jack-of-all-trades to do with so little to work with?

Dig up the bones, dust them off, and see what can be recrafted from what's left. As always, we're open to suggestions.  There's got to be a few avenues we haven't yet explored.

Live, Love, and Make Art
-your Artful (sickly) White Fox.

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  1. May the diggings be fruitful and bring much profit. ♥