Saturday, March 31, 2012

Studio News: The life and times, chapter 2

First off, the happy things...

The dragonette is crawling, working on walking, clapping her hands, improving her little baby vocabulary, and has "mama" and "dada" down pat. And she hates sleep, both naps and nighttime. She still thinks books are for chewing on instead of reading from. Music and dancing are her favorite things, followed closely by things she can chew on (read: everything else). She's starting to share our meals, when there's something mushy enough for her to masticate.... 

Dragon's had a job offer... well, two, technically... and they're jobs he can work at the same time. The catch: they're in Greensboro and we're currently staying in Albemarle. That's an hour and a half (or so) drive away, for those of you unfamiliar with the area. Oh, the irony.

So the door closes, the window opens... and it's out of reach with no ladder in sight.  Nothing works out. Anybody know a way we can live in Greensboro long enough for this job opportunity to go through?  Or, if someone here in the area (I think we'd even take something within a state or so's distance... hint hint nudge nudge to my family in VA) have any leads on a place to live and/or a job possibility...

It's an interesting place to be in, when (literally) the only thing one has is one's partner. All Dragon and I have is each other, and our little wyrmling. Well, ok, we have a car, and clothes and stuff. But, with no job and no place to live that isn't granted us by someone else's grace... well, that's not my idea of a way to live. We've got very few allies. My mom is the only one who really seems to care anymore. Everyone else is either unable or unwilling to help... or has outright turned their backs on us.

We wanted a better life for ourselves, each other, and the little ones... and we ended up with nothing and no way to change that.

We're open to ideas, at this point. (Hint: this is where you chime in...)

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