Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Studio News: Gypsy Life

So in the past 6 months, Dragon and I have lived 3 different places, two of which have been in NC. For those of you unaware, we moved in with Dragon's dad several weeks ago, because our previous living arrangements were less than ideal.  The hope was that this would be better.

Well, it is and it isn't. Dragon and I get to share a room here, which we couldn't in Kernersville (funny story - ask me about it later).  We have our own personal, private space.  And we aren't getting preached at every time the father-in-law is home.

And while these are huge perks, there are downsides.  I have no place to work, which means no new pretties from your favorite internet Fox.  We're about am hour farther away from my family than we were, whilst still being smack dab in the midst of Dragon's family drama. Never a dull moment.  Funny part is, we just found out from the employment security commission that there's a job back in Kernersville that would probably be just about perfect for my Dragon. Gofigure, huh?

On a better and brighter note - the mini-dragon is rolling over, starting to sit up, trying to crawl, and howling furiously in frustration when she can't make it work right.  She headbutts her daddy and laughs about it.  Her favorite chew toys are daddy's knuckles. (total daddy's girl, if you couldn't guess)  At almost four months old, she is hitting milestones that shouldn't occur until 6 months.  She still sleeps on me, and wakes up at least twice during the night wanting a snack.... voracious little dragonspawn that she is.

Dragon and I are spending a lot of time in various nerdy pursuits in between his family's outbursts and his job hunting - namely coming up with creative ways for two people to play D&D. In the meantime, I'm missing my WoW something awful, especially with the new expansion coming out soon.

Anyways, more coming soon - with nothing at hand but to twiddle my thumbs and take care of the dragonspawn, I'll have to start teaching myself how to really be a blogger. Or something. Maybe I'll start writing again; I've got a couple dozen stories sitting around on my hard drive that I never finished, and I know at least one person that's dying for the final chapters of a couple of them....


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