Thursday, September 8, 2011

Studio News: The Journey as of Today...

This is Moira, our 1-month-old baby girl. She's a total daddy's girl already - way ahead of the curve and snarky to boot. Yes, a 1-mo old infant can be snarky. She's holding her head up all by herself, working on sitting up by herself and rolling over (yes, already!).  I am in so much trouble (again).

Our home life is interesting, and definitely not what we'd like it to be.  We were recently forced to move from FL to NC, in with Dragon's folks (who are now separated, with his mom having moved out - we are stuck in the house with his stepdad, which is a curious ordeal in and of itself).  The car decided to die after we got here, first needing a new battery, then overheating if it's driven for more than 5 minutes, which we still haven't managed to resolve, thanks to discovering (after we'd replaced the radiator) that any repair we do is probably going to be ridiculously expensive.  (the car's a 2000 Cadillac Catera and not worth much) There's a lot to do, lot needing done that we can't do because of the car. Dragon's looking for a job but it's pretty much academic without a way to get anywhere.

In spite of all that (and the fact that Dragon's stepdad is less than easy to get along with), we're still in a pretty good way. I'm amazed at how I can look at my life now and know that if I never have more than what's "enough" I'll be content, because I love my Dragon and I love my girls, and as long as our needs are met, then that's good enough for me.  There are things I'd like to have, ideals I'd like my life to live up to, but if they never do, I'll have no regrets so long as my family is taken care of.

That's not something a lot of people can say.

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