Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Directions

The new addition to our family has started us thinking in new ways as far as the Studio is concerned.  Metalworking and Jewelsmithing are our passions, but there isn't much money to be made these days in those particular fields, in large part because neither of us have the training or tools (especially the tools) to make it worthwhile now.

So! There is a field in which we both have experience and knowledge and skill enough to work together on it and make it work now.  What is this field, you ask?

Handmade Artisan Aromatherapeutics.

Excuse me, what?  You know - bath salts, herb sachets, scrubs, massage oils, body butters, scented candles, soaps, incense, lotions... also teas, herbed culinary salts, cooking oils, and spice blends.  These are products we had planned to eventually expand to, but we thought, why not start with those instead!?  Dragon has taken courses in massage therapy and he was a professional chef for several years; Fox has 3 years of college under her belt for alternative therapies, including the use of herbs and scents in a therapeutic setting.  You'd think it would have occurred to us months ago!

However, we wanted to get our friends' and families' opinions first (and see who might just be interested in being among our first customers).  Some of you are familiar with the things Fox has made before - some teas, bath salts and sachets, incense.  How does it sound to have those available as a matter of course?  Thus the inauguration of (drumroll):

Twinflame Studios Handmade Artisan Aromatheraputics: affordable home luxury from the bath to the kitchen and everything in between, made using wholesome and wholistic Organic, Wildcrafted, and/or Fair Trade ingredients, per availability.

As a basic plan, we will probably start with bath salts and sachets, incense, massage oils, and teas, and expand from there.  For example - we'll offer two sizes of bath salt jars: a single-bath sample size for $5 and say, a 7-bath size priced from $20 to $50 depending on what goes into it.  In fact, everything will probably be sold the same way - a small sample packet and a larger "bulk" amount.  It simplifies things for us and for our customers :)

In point of fact, we are already taking orders for bath salts! 

And don't worry! Fox's jewelry will still be available in the Etsy store and she will NOT cease to create it!  This is an effort to have product that's easier on the pocket for ourselves and for customers these days.  We can all use a little luxury in the face of national economic problems, and what better way to do that than to spoil yourself a little and take a moment to breathe in something good for you?  Twinflame Studios' Handmade Artisan Aromatheraputics. 

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